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K-Laser Therapy

Understanding What Class IV Laser Therapy Is 

Class IV laser therapy is an alternative and non-invasive pain therapy used to heal damaged cells. Kinetic energy is stimulated inside a damaged cell by sending light (photons) through a laser. A photon is a specific amount of electromagnetic radiation. This energy is absorbed through the skin, as well as, a number of chemical changes occur from k laser therapy within the cells. The results of these chemical changes include:

•    An increase in widening the blood vessels. resulting from the relaxation of smooth muscle cells.
•    An increase production of proteins and other enzymes.
•    Mitochondria stimulation.
•    Elevates collagen levels.
•    Strengthens the immune system.

Blood vessels widen because of the relaxation of smooth muscle cells. Enzymes are what does the majority of work inside cells and are necessary for the regulation of organs and tissues, as well as, function and structure. Mitochondria is what provides fuel for a cell’s activity. By elevating collagen, scar tissue formation is prevented. The immune system is strengthened by an increase in lymphatic drainage or toxins.

Conditions K Laser Benefits

There are many conditions that the Class IV K Laser can benefit. Individuals who suffer with arthritis, achy and stiff joints, knee and hip pain, shoulder pain, as well as, neck and back injuries can find this treatment beneficial. It also is beneficial for the following conditions:

•    Neuropathy
•    Tennis Elbow
•    Herniated Discs
•    Arch Pain
•    Sprains and Strains
•    Muscle and Ligament Tears
•    Muscle Spasms and Trigger Points
•    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
•    Sciatica
•    Rotator Cuff Tears
•    Poor Circulation
•    Shin Splints
•    Plantar Fascilitis
•    Achilles Tendinitis
•    Morton’s Neuroma
•    Stress Fractures

Aside from these, there are also other conditions that can benefit from this treatment including: pain and healing following surgery, bunion pain, nerve pain, and non-healing wounds.

About K-Laser Therapy Treatment.