Whiplash Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractor Fort Lauderdale for Whiplash

Whiplash Chiropractic Treatment Fort Lauderdale

Because each individual case of whiplash is unique to the patient, you need to find a doctor who will treat you, not just your injury. Dr. Jusko, with offices in Fort Lauderdale, FL, believes in treating the whole person, not just a body part. Whiplash injuries can be sustained to the neck, back and shoulders and can present itself days after an accident. Whiplash is one of the most common injuries that people often seek chiropractic care for. Chiropractic treatments for whiplash usually include some combination of spinal manipulation, muscle relaxation or stimulation, and exercise.

People who encounter facial damage or deformity after a car accident might need to seek help from a plastic surgeon or aesthetic specialists at a local MedSpa such as Accent Aesthetics in Gainesville, FL. Some of the non-surgical aesthetics treatments include Gainesville botox, dermal fillers or chemical peels. You can also benefit from using blood-derived growth factors from platelet rich plasma (PRP), The Vampire®  Microneedling Facial Procedure in Gainesville is a safe procedure for renewing the skin of the face and other body areas by correcting texture and color.

At Dr. Jusko’s practice on Oakland Park Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale, we use the latest and most advanced techniques in chiropractic care to diagnose and treat whiplash. We have state of the art equipment and X-Ray facilities on the premises. In addition to our chiropractic techniques, we also offer acupuncture, massage therapy, corrective exercises and nutritional counseling to treat the whole person. When left untreated, whiplash injuries may not heal correctly and can lead to other issues such as arthritis. Dr. Jusko will assess the injury and tailor a course of treatment specific to your needs.

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If you are suffering from pain caused by whiplash, Dr. Jusko and his professional medical staff can help. We utilize the best practices of both conventional and chiropractic medicine, so your whiplash injuries don’t continue to cause you pain. If whiplash is slowing you down, call Dr. Jusko’s office today at 954-954-9544 to schedule an appointment. Our Fort Lauderdale staff will assist you every step of the way.